Dubai Real Estate ? Performance during Q2 2012!

Different reports about performance of Dubai property during Q2 indicate different rates of recovery but what is common in them is that they all point towards the positive growth of the sector. The results of Q2 have spread optimism about Dubai real estate, since the performance indicates recovery gathering pace quarter on quarter. During Q2 prices of property and rents have either jumped or maintained their status quo with very few properties which continued their declining trend. Performance highlights of Dubai property sector during Q2 2012 are briefed in this blog.

The economy of Dubai is expected to grow by 4% to 5% in 2012. This expected growth has contributed in regaining the confidence of investors once again on Dubai property. Besides that, lower mortgage rates and better infrastructure has also helped to bring in more property investors in the emirate. As per the March finding, BCI (Business Confidence Index) reached to 120.5 points because investors are once again eyeing Dubai property for investment purposes.

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