Consumer confidence in UAE continues to surge

Consumer confidence in the UAE has continued to build, in conjunction with the resurgence of the real estate market in tandem with the stability in financial markets, according to one local expert.

?Dubai?s real estate market was one of the fastest to come out of the crisis – many other countries are still suffering whereas we?ve seen positive signs across the UAE, and other industries are closely following suit. More retail outlets are opening up across Dubai, international organizations are continuing to expand here, and confidence in the market has definitely grown,? said Asad Badami, Managing Director of A-MAP, the region?s leading distributor of aftermarket automotive spare parts, batteries, tires and lubricants.

?There has been a rapid growth in population numbers over the past year or so, which we can all easily see just by the number of vehicles coming onto the roads. Year on year we are seeing records broken, and this is bolstered by our own figures – our retail clients have doubled since the start of the year and we have yet to finish off Q3,? he added.

Demand for products such as automotive batteries comes hand-in-hand with increased vehicles on the road, and A-MAP has seen distribution of its Solite brand of batteries surpass 200,000 units in the retail sector alone.

via Consumer confidence in UAE continues to surge – Emirates 24/7.