Abu Dhabi FDI climbs 7.8%

Foreign direct investment, or FDI, in Abu Dhabi increased by 7.8 per cent to Dh52.2 billion in 2011, according to the results of surveys of foreign investment in the emirate.

According to the results of the index of transparency in the policy of foreign investment, which is issued by the Department of Studies of the Department of Economic Development ? Abu Dhabi, the value of the general index reached to 67.3 points on a scale of 100. However, the value of the index has largely expressed investors’ sentiment of the presence of transparency in policies taken by the Federal Government of the UAE, and the proper policies of the Government of Abu Dhabi, including a prime incentive for attracting FDI within the emirate in particular.

The findings showed a rise in FDI in 2011 compared with 2010 in the industries of health, construction, restaurants and hotels, manufacturing, transport, storage and communication, real estate and business services, wholesale and retail trade and repair services, and electricity, gas and water activities, while extractive industries such as financial institutions, insurance, social and personal services experienced a decline during the same year.

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