Is Dubai real estate witnessing increased investment?

Dubai real estate has been witnessing a continuous growth since the beginning of the CY 2013. According to the analysts at, a real estate portal of Dubai, rising sale price trajectories have brought a new spark in this market. But the question arises, is this sector also witnessing increased investment? Yes indeed, Dubai is receiving increased investment in its real estate sector. And what makes me believe that? Let me tell you some of the actualities that justify my point.

International investors showing increased interest

Cluttons ? a real estate consultancy, conducted a survey for ranking hot real estate investment spots in the world. The results of the survey showed that Dubai ranked second as an investment haven of the planet. Moreover, Gulf Business, in one of its publications, further confirmed the plan of some international investors to funnel investment in the real estate market of Dubai.

New launches

Various developers have come forward with their plans of launching new projects in Dubai. Emaar, Nakheel, Dubai Investments, MAG Group, Union Properties and Orion Real Estate Development are some of the prominent names in this regard. This clearly shows that the recovery of the real estate sector has refreshed the confidence of developers and investors about this market.

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