Woman denies causing stepdaughter?s death

A woman charged with unintentionally causing the death of her four-year-old stepdaughter after beating her entered a not guilty plea before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The 24-year-old Jordanian suspect allegedly caused injuries to the girl?s head and stomach in the incident that happened in January.The girl?s mother, also Jordanian, told prosecutors that her daughter was dead when she reached the hospital.

The mother also filed a civil lawsuit against the accused seeking Dh20,100 in compensation.

In her testimony to prosecutors, the victim?s mother, said: ?My ex-husband asked me over the phone to go to the hospital because my daughter was in a bad condition. When I reached the hospital, I was told that she fell off the bicycle and injured herself. My daughter?s body was bruised,? the mother claimed to prosecutors.

The victim?s 10-year-old sister testified to prosecutors: ?On June 30, the suspect put my sister on the bicycle although it?s broken down. ?My sister fell off the bicycle backside in an unexplainable manner. Her head did not hit the wall from the front . The suspect placed some ice on her head and 30 minutes later my sister?s condition worsened. She lost consciousness and closed her eyes.?The trial continues.