Dubai airport baggage handler jailed for three months for stealing

A baggage handler at Dubai International Airport has been jailed for three months and fined nearly $10 for stealing money and chocolate bars from passengers? suitcases.

The 26-year-old Kenyan employee was sentenced the Dubai Court of First Instance after he was caught on CCTV cameras removing AED7,500 ($2,041) in cash and a box of five Twix chocolate bars from bags.

?I used to open the bags and stick my hand inside searching for anything,? the accused was quoted as saying.

?Once I was so hungry [I] stole Twix bars from a bag. I repeated it again with other bags,? he added.

The employee will be deported after he completes his jail sentence and was fined AED35 ($9.5), the cost of the five Twix bars he removed from a passenger?s bag.