Infringement of copyright ‘haram’: Dubai Grand Mufti’s fatwa

Infringement of copyrights of computer programs, trademarks and patents is ?haram? (forbidden) as per Islamic Shariah.

The fatwa of the grand mufti came in response to a query submitted to the fatwa section, seeking a Shariah ruling on the protection of intellectual property rights of an author.

Dr Mashael said the Islamic Fiqh Academy (IFA) of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) has already issued a fatwa in the matter which says “owners of trademarks, brands, authorship and inventions have copyright over them.?

He added the fatwa was based on the fact that patents currently have significant financial value and the inventors or writers who spent their time to bring them to the market have all rights to protect their intellectual properties as per law and Shariah.

He also said the IFA fatwa also says the trademark owner or author can waive their intellectual property rights in return for financial compensation.