3-year-old girl stranded in Sharjah park…

An Emirati man found the little girl alone in Al Majaz park in Sharjah. She was crying and looking for her parents.

The crowd gathered there attempted asking the child details of her parents but she could not help them, so they alerted police.

The police team took the child to Al Buhaira station and checked their system to see if a missing report has been filed.

On having received no such report, police resorted to social media. They posted the child?s picture on Twitter, Instagram and other sites.

The response was encouraging. Some people responded with details of her parents.

Police enquired details about the circumstance under which the girl went ?missing?. Her parents said they were searching for her at the other end of the huge Waterfront park.

Police handed over the child to the family.

Sharjah Police thanked members of the public for their support.