Wi-Fi lands Dubai police worker in jail

An Asian cleaner at a store for Dubai?s police patrol vehicles was cleaning one of the cars when he spotted a sophisticated Wi-Fi system. Without hesitation he put it in his pocket, not realizing it would be his last cleaning task.

On the next day, he was fiddling with the device when his work mate saw it. When he asked him where he got it from, he told him that he found it in a police car.

The colleague preferred not to report his friend to the police, not realizing he was committing a crime by providing a cover for the theft.

But it was not long before the police discovered the theft and arrested the cleaner. Investigation also showed his colleague failed to report the crime.

A court sentenced the cleaner to one year in prison and ordered his deportation from the UAE after completing his jail term and paying Dh1,160 fine.

?His friend was also fined Dh1,000 for failing to report the theft?he apparently had thought by not reporting his friend, he would avert trouble,?.