Man hits four vehicles before fleeing

After driving recklessly without a licence plate and attempting to hit a police car while fleeing, a man has been sentenced to two years in jail, in addition to a fine, licence suspension and impounding of his car, the Al Dhafra Court of First Instance announced on Sunday. The GCC national man?s licence will be suspended for two years. He was found guilty of putting other people?s lives at risk, driving in the wrong direction on the road, and driving despite a court order of suspension and not following police instructions when ordered to stop.

According to court documents, the man intentionally rammed his vehicle into four other vehicles before fleeing the scene. Police investigations led them to the wanted man who was driving on a main road in an unsafe manner and had run a red light at high speed and failed in his attempt to hit the police vehicle chasing him.

The Public Prosecution referred him to the Al Dhafra Court of First Instance and asked that he receive the maximum punishment.