Robot to help patients at UAE hospitals

A robot promises to change the way doctors and patients interact in certain UAE hospitals.

A next-generation robot, called VGo, is now being used to enhance patient-doctor interface and help manage hospitals better. The sophisticated communication robot, developed by a US venture capital company, allows a healthcare provider, patient or family member to have “telepresence” — to be virtually at a patient’s bedside even if they are actually distant.

They can move around in that location as if they are next to the patient.BY allows doctors from around the world to “telecommunicate”, it helps lower costs of patient care. It also provides an emotional anchor to family members who are able to “stay” with their loved ones admitted to a hospital for long stretches of time.

Introduced in the UAE by Amana Healthcare, a medical and rehabilitation hospital with an 80-bed facility in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi city, VGo could change the lives of children with congenital anomalies who are confined to living at medical centres.