Sharjah man discovers new wife is married to his friend

A UAE man facing marital problems decided to secretly have another wife and sought help from a friend for this purpose. Two months after marriage, he was shocked to discover the new wife is also married to his friend.

The 36-year-old man from Sharjah told police he had sought help from the same friend to look for a new wife, adding that he was told about a woman who can get him a wife.

He said that he paid her Dh9,000 after she found him a bride, besides Dh10,000 dowry for the new wife and Dh1,000 for the Islamic scholar who performed the marriage.

?After marrying the Arab woman, he travelled for business abroad. When he returned, he discovered that his wife is married to his friend.

?He told police that he and his friend did not know they were married to the same woman,?.

The man submitted evidence to the police incriminating that woman but it did not make clear if she was arrested.