U.A.E.?s goal of ?developed market status? hailed

Following global markets index provider MSCI’s upgrading of the U.A.E. to emerging market status, the country’s next goal is to win ?developed market’ ranking by 2018.

The bold new goal has been hailed, among others, by Fortress Investments, a leading investment firm operating in the Middle East, which says that this demonstrates the U.A.E.’s insatiable thirst for higher international rankings and thus play a more pivotal financial role globally.

The U.A.E.’s new drive to position itself as a strategic financial hub for a wider market covering Middle East and Africa (MEA) is of significant value to investments consultancies.This gives room for U.A.E.-based regional consultants to tap a wider client base, leveraging the rising financial stature of the U.A.E.

Financial institutions see in the U.A.E. an ideal venue to manage their capital effectively with fewer constraints than the European and American markets.The financial infrastructure in the U.A.E. matches that of cities with great legacy in finance, such as Dublin, for instance. Both ends of the financial process ? clients and consultancies ? see in the U.A.E. a modernised market to maximise ROI.