Filipino killed, 5 hospitalised after toxic poison leaks through AC

A Filipino died and five others were hurt after sniffing a highly toxic substance which leaked into their apartment in Dubai from a neighboring flat whose tenant used the powder as an ‘rodent-icide’.

The incident took place on the second day of Eid Al Fitr when the tenant of an apartment sprayed powder in through his property with Aluminum Phoshphide, a highly toxic substance which is banned for domestic use and is allowed only in factories, warehouses, and large vessels.

Police arrested the tenant of that flat and three men who sold him the substance although they know its hazards on human life.After spraying the substance in his apartment, the tenant locked the property and headed for the airport to start his summer vacation abroad.?He and three others were arrested on charges of causing this tragedy. This substance leaked through the central air condition openings into other apartments in the building and resulted in the death of a Filipino.