Dubai Court upholds road robber’s sentence

The Dubai Appeal Court upheld a one year in jail sentence against a Bangladeshi who, along with others, attacked a man in the street and robbed him.

The Court also upheld the deportation of GD, 35, after serving his jail term.

According to the records, the victim, MO, 26, Pakistani driver, was walking along a street on February 17 at around 9pm while talking on his mobile phone.

A man, who claimed to be a CID officer, stopped the victim and started shouting at him .

An Iranian joined him and the two assaulted and dragged the victim into an old house.

The victim lodged a complaint at the Naif police station and gave a description of the first two attackers.

Police investigated the complaint and information led to a group of men who were living in an old house in the area.

The residents of the house were also involved in other cases, a police officer testified.