Bogus cop kidnapped and molested student, Dubai court hears

A businessman kidnapped and molested a student by claiming he was a police officer, the Criminal Court heard on Sunday.

On May 18 last year, S A, 30, from Egypt, allegedly approached a car where two students were studying and asked to see their IDs.

?I was with my friend revising before exam and waiting for a third friend so we could all head to the university together, then we heard a knocking on the window and when my friend opened, a man said he was a CID officer and asked us what we were doing,? said the Indian victim T D, 21.

She said he asked her friend, M J, 23, for his ID and then gave it back. He told the friend to leave but directed T D to join him in his car.

?He said he will take me home but I told him I could do it on my own, then he threatened to file a police report, so I got scared because I had an exam in two hours that I didn?t want to miss,? said T D.

She said he kept driving around until he found a remote area.?I asked him to let me go then tried to open the door and while doing that I saw someone passing by,? she said.

?The defendant got scared and let me go but asked for my number or he will report that I met with my friend in the car. He also kept my ID with him,? she said, adding that the defendant repeatedly called her for two days before she decided to contact the police.

?He told us that we were doing inappropriate actions in the car and said he will refer us to police, he showed me a police ID but I couldn?t see it clearly,? said M J.

M J said that the man had a walkie talkie on which he appeared to talk to someone, then wrote down his car plate number.

S A denied the charges of molestation, kidnap and impersonation of a police officer at court on Sunday.