Maid denies theft of cash and phone from cop’s Dubai home

A maid working for a police officer stole Dh6,000 and mobile phone before fleeing the house, the Criminal Court heard.

S Y, 40, an Indonesian, denied the charges of theft in court on Sunday morning.

Policeman SA, 33, a Yemeni, testified that on the morning of May 14 he arrived home from work to find the defendant was missing.

?I went to my mother-in-law?s room, as the maid stays with her, and found that S Y was not there.

?My mother-in-law came and told me her mobile phone was missing, so I got suspicious and searched the house then found that the cash I was keeping in a drawer in my room was also missing,? said S A.

He then reported the maid to police when she did not return home.

She was arrested shortly afterwards. During interrogation, police say she confessed to the crime.

A verdict will be delivered on August 31.