Family of Arab killed in Abu Dhabi accident to get Dh350,000 from accused

An Abu Dhabi Court has issued a verdict directing the accused in a hit-n-run case that left the sole bread-winner of the family dead, to pay Dh150,000 as compensation to the family, apart from the ?diya? (blood money).

The accused, a GCC national, will have to pay the deceased Arab?s family Dh200,000 in ?diya?.

The wife and children of the victim who died in the accident filed a case against the defendant asking for Dh300,000 as compensation for causing the death of the head of the family.

This was separate from the diya amount sought.

The court confirmed that the heirs of the deceased have a right to compensation as well diya to compensate for damages experienced due to the loss of the head of the family.

The court ruled that Dh150,000 is a reasonable amount in terms of compensation.