Filipino man and woman arrested for drugs

A Filipino man and woman were charged with drug possession and consumption.

The female suspect, M.A.B., was arrested after Dubai Police raided her apartment in Muraqqabat area and found others involved, including the second suspect, K.B., who was found carrying the drugs in his pocket.

During the arrest, they also found the rest of the suspects, including K.B., who seemed like they were under the influence of drugs.

After he was searched, they found a Dh20 note wrapped around a small plastic bag that contained the same drug. When K.B. was asked about it, he said that he only possessed the drug for personal use.

The suspects were all taken to the General Department of Criminal Evidence, and upon checking their urine sample, they were transferred to the General Department of Anti-Narcotics.M.A.B. and K.B. admitted to the charges that were filed against them, and the case has been transferred to the criminal court.