Re-claim fee paid for services not delivered: Ministry of Labour

Employers and applicants can claim their funds paid for services but were not delivered by the Ministry of Labour (MoL) due to any legal or technical glitch, said Qasim Muhammad Jamil, Director, in Abu Dhabi.

The issue was highlighted in a MoL?s weekly meeting held in Abu Dhabi where an employer applied to claim fee he had paid to ministry to obtain a licence.

Jamil pointed out that the applicant is entitled to get his money back paid for services which he didn?t receive due to a system glitch or legal issue.

He said MoL?s committee received 30 applications for lifting ban, reduction of fines and others.

The ministry, he said, provides a range of services through smartphones with regard to procedures and other queries. Instead of visiting the ministry?s office, he advised applicants to benefit from ministry?s e-services which will save their time.