Emirates ID stresses significance of Open Data in improving government transparency and accountability

In a new working paper published in the international ?Journal of Public Administration & Governance’, the Emirates Identity Authority has called upon governments around the world to promote concepts and practices of ?Open Data’ through focusing on disseminating qualitative data that can be used worldwide to enhance transparency and accountability.

In its paper entitled “Open Data.. A quantum leap in the government system”, Emirates ID emphasised that using and reusing open data will positively reflect on improving governments’ performance, level of services they provide and citizens’ welfare, as well as support economic transformation and boost countries’ competitiveness.

In the paper that was prepared by Dr. Eng. Ali Mohammed Al Khouri, Emirates ID’s Director General, Emirates ID called for devising well thought out plans for open data at the level of public organisations. “Those plans should be based on comprehensive government strategies with a clear vision of the objectives each government seeks to achieve through aligning them with their developmental goals,” Emirates ID clarified.