Abu Dhabi cracks down on satellite dishes

Abu Dhabi City Municipality is continuing its campaign aimed at removing satellite dishes from buildings and balconies in a bid to safeguard the appearance of Abu Dhabi City in collaboration with its strategic partners.

This drive recveives top priority from the Abu Dhabi Government, forms part of the Strategic Plan 2030, and is considered a key aspect of the improvement plan relating to buildings, for which the Abu Dhabi City Municipality assumes the responsibility of eliminating all types of elements that distort the image of the city.

In this context, satellite dishes installed in breach of the rules and marring the view of the city, have to be removed from building roofs and balconies, leaving only those compliant with the permitted siting rules and conforming to stipulations in place in order to streamline the appearance of the city.

Ahmed Fadil Al Mazroui, Director of External Municipal Centers, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said, “In the context of this campaign, the Municipality is obliged to serve notices to those flouting the rules barring the installation of satellite dishes. Afterwards, notices are served to offenders, and eventually offences are reported in case the offender fails to remove the satellite dish during the given period.

“The disorderly installation of satellite dishes negatively affects building structures and corrodes waterproofing materials on rooftops in case these dishes are installed directly on the roof floor. This also causes leakage of washing water and rain into top floor apartments and impacts the building structure in general,” he said.

Based on these facts, the Municipality called upon all community segments to adhere to the provisions of the Decree No. 02 / 2012 with regards to preserving the overall appearance of the city, general health and public tranquility in Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Al Mazrouei urged the population of Abu Dhabi City to cooperate and communicate with the Municipality through the toll-free numbers, 8002220/800555, to respond to all public inquiries in this regard.