Man on trial on charges of killing first wife

A man from another Gulf country is facing trial in Abu Dhabi on charges of killing his first wife after torturing her for a long time.

His second wife has also been charged with torturing the victim?s children and locking them up for long periods of time without food.

Police arrested the defendants after they stormed their house in Baniyas, 30km from the capital, and found the woman lying in a pool of blood.

The defendant told court she fell down the stairs but witnesses said they knew she had been tortured many times by her husband before he pushed her down the stairs.

Forensic examination showed the woman suffered from emaciation and weakness due to lack of food as it emerged her husband was depriving her from food for most of the day. The tests also showed she suffered from burns, bruises, internal bleeding and fractures, indicating she had been beaten up by sharp objects.