MoL: 5000 workers return to work in Dubai after agreement with employer

Some 5,000 construction workers on Sunday returned to their work at a construction site in Dubai after the officials of the contracting company they work for agreed to improve their work environment through providing fridges for drinking water and food meals and increasing the number of toilets, the Ministry of Labour has emphasized.

Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour for Inspection Affairs, Maher Al Obad, said, “Inspectors from the ministry, in cooperation with the Permanent Committee for Labour Affairs in Dubai and Dubai Police, worked out the agreement on these demands between the company’s officials and the workers who later on went back to the site.”

The workers ?gave up their demand for higher wages after were told that this demand is illegal, and that it is particularly so because contracts must be observed and that wages are subject to the consensual agreement between the two parties to the work contract.