Teen in court for pinching Dh20 from taxi blames mom for keeping him hungry

A judge at a delinquency court in Ras Al Khaimah decided only to rebuke an Emirati teenager for stealing Dh20 from a locked taxi, but the boy still pleaded ?not guilty?.

While he confessed that he smashed the car glass window and pinched the money, the boy told the judge that he had to get money because he was hungry after his mother deprived him of food to punish him for coming home late.

?He admitted that he smashed the car window and got Dh20, but added that he did not intend to steal. He said he only wanted to buy dinner as he was hungry.?

The judge dismissed the boy?s argument but decided only to rebuke him and hand him to his family after the cab driver dropped the case against him. It did not mention the boy?s age or whether the driver recovered his money.