Increased housing demand needs ‘smarter’ concrete

With infrastructure project awards across the region forecast to exceed $86 billion (Dh316bn) in 2014, demand for concrete is set to rise significantly in the GCC, which already accounts for over 40 per cent of the Middle East concrete consumption.

Several of the world?s largest construction and concrete companies will gather in Dubai this month to discuss solutions to ensure a consistent supply of the world?s most-used building material ? concrete.

Previous construction booms have seen the supply of concrete unable to meet demand, leading to spiralling prices and delayed projects, experts maintain. Discussions on the availability and reliability of current concrete technologies are set to take place at the International Concrete Technology Forum, at Middle East Concrete.

?Developers in the GCC have implemented the latest and most advanced technologies of ready-mixed concrete in the construction of high rise buildings and iconic structures. High performance concrete has been used with emphasis on concrete placeability, strength and durability?.