5 Emirates ID centres closed: Click for where

The Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID or Eida) has announced that five of its Customer Services Centres annexed to the Preventive Medicine Centres will remain temporarily closed for 45 days, from November 9 to December 21, 2014,? for renovation .

The five Eida centres being closed for renovation are Al Ghubaiba Centre and Al Nasserya Centre in Sharjah, Ajman Centre, Al Fujairah Centre and Ras Al Khaima Centre.

The closure is aimed at enhancing the service standards in line with the UAE’s excellent government service programme, and eventually earning a 7-star rating after turning all of them into ‘smart’ centres

“This is part of the comprehensive plan to develop all the customer service centres annexed to the preventive medicine centres, whose administration was handed over to the Authority from EMAS.

?These centres will be brought on par with the other customer services centres of the Authority,” Emirates ID explained in a statement.