Bling around Dubai on these $1 million car rims

The UAE is known for its love of bling and all things extravagant, which include lavish homes, plush hotels and super expensive cars.

In fact, we can easily spot cars from the most coveted brands in the world on our roads and it?s common now to see Ferrari?s and Maserati?s in mid-level residential areas in Dubai.

This love was apparent when the city hosted the world?s most expensive car, a gold Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 crafted from a 500kg solid block of gold.The design collaboration between Lamborghini and Robert G?lpen carried the price-tag of $7.4 million, or Dh27 million.

And, with super expensive cars come atrociously priced add-ons that sometimes beat the actual price of the car.