Dubai authorities end ordeal of child left without ID

Dubai?s authorities have again stepped into the breach to end a four-year ordeal of a little girl by contacting the president of her country to get her a new passport after it was seized by her father who left the UAE.

According to the general administration for human rights, the girl?s father left the UAE after taking all his daughter?s ID documents to take revenge against his ex-wife after she won a legal battle in Dubai to take custody of her daughter.When the mother tried to get her a new passport, she was told by her country?s consulate in Dubai that the law bans issuing such a document when a person already has a valid passport.

We then decided to go through diplomatic channels to end the ordeal of the mother and her daughter.?Director of the woman and child protection division at the Administration Major Isac Al Mazmi said the department sent a letter to the foreign ministry, which in turn sent it to the president of that country.

?The letter explained the problem facing the woman and her daughter?the letter was immediately considered by that country?s president, who issued an exceptional decision to have a passport issued immediately for the girl,? he said.?After we received the girl?s passport, we sent it to the general administration for residency and foreigners? affairs, which issued a visa for the girl on her mother?s sponsorship and exempted the girl from all overstay fees for the past four years.?