Dubai private school fee range: Dh144 to Dh100,000

In the last few years Dubai?s education sector has witnessed significant and rapid development.

The growth is primarily led by local operators but also latterly by a number of major international, mostly UK, operators who are capitalizing on the significant opportunities that it represented.

The Dubai Education Overview issued by Colliers International, a real estate services provider including healthcare and education, shows the bright future of Dubai education sector and its growing demand.

The study identified population growth as one of the key factors driving demand for education in Dubai, with the population expected to reach 3.5 million by 2020.The findings also highlight that tuition fees charged by private schools in Dubai vary significantly in terms of curricula, type and quality of facilities offered, and staffing standards.

Private schools charge from as low as Dh1,725 per year or Dh143.75 per month up to the most expensive school in Dubai with a tuition fee in excess of Dh100,000 per annum.American schools command the highest range fees followed by IB, British and then Indian. Almost 60 per cent of student population across all grades pay an average of Dh15,000 per annum,