How to avoid traffic jams in Dubai? Ford Chairman’s solution

In an event held in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, the Dubai Chamber called upon businesses and governments, automotive industry and energy companies, scientists and urban planners locally and regionally to collaborate to find solutions to mobility issues.

The event ‘Future of Mobility’ was hosted in honour of William Clay Ford Junior, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company and great grandson of Henry Ford, during his first official visit to the UAE.?As technology quickly evolves, we must push ourselves to look for new opportunities to solve bigger issues.

Together, we must find ways that mobility can improve the human condition, and I congratulate the Dubai Chamber on a timely and engaging conversation on this topic,? said William Ford.?It is important that the public and private sector works together to find solutions to mobility issues. Dubai and Dubai businesses must be at the heart of the future mobility discussion. We want to be the model for the global Smart City in every sense of the word?.