28 labour cases handled by Dubai court

28 cases related to hiring workers were dealt with by the Dubai court, Hameed Bin Khatam, Chief Prosecutor of Residence Department in Dubai, said in the ?Human Trafficking? conference. Some cases were related to hiring workers to work in different field than the one authorized by Ministry of Labour, including hitting and forcing employees to work, hiring the workers to work in different places for the company?s financial benefit not the worker.

In a court case, a company was hiring people temporary without any permission from the Ministry of Labour, the company approached people through websites and called them for interviews and then sent them to various companies on temporary basis.

The manager of this company was referred to the court which accused him for breaking the law of Ministry of Labour, and he was fined Dh10,000.In another case, 4 managers of number of companies took advantage of 8 workers and forced them to work for a factory they contracted with, the managers were referred to the court and sentenced each of them with a Dh30,000 fine.