Woman claims she smuggled heroin through Dubai airport unknowingly

A woman arrested for trying to smuggle more than one kilogram of heroin said the court should track down the man who asked her to carry a bag as she did not know it contained drugs.

?A man I know in Iran gave me the bag and asked me to deliver to his friend here. I did not know it was drugs, please, I ask you to bring him and question him,? said Tajik M?E, 33, through tears at Dubai Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said she was caught with the heroin and 59 methadone tablets on September 17 at Dubai airport. Major Y?S, 38, said police received a tip-off about her and that she had left the bag at the airport and so it was taken to the lost and found section.

?When she was arrested, she denied it was her bag at first but when the bag was searched, a wallet that had her picture inside was found inside the bag,? he said.The major added that she then confessed that a man named Adham gave her the drugs and told her he would call her with directions once she passed customs.

?Adham just gave me the bag and said a man would come to the airport to pick them up from me. I don?t even know who this man is ? Adham told me the man would recognise me,? said the defendant. A policeman told prosecutors that he questioned the woman and she confessed that she was promised Dh20,000 for delivering the drugs, though she denies this.