UAE Attorney General: Accused of Al Reem Island crime referred to Supreme Court

The UAE Attorney General, Counsellor Salem Saeed Kubaish, has said that Alaa Bader Abdullah, the accused in the case of the crime known as Al Reem Island killing, has been referred to the Federal Supreme Court for the hearing of charges brought against her, i.e., the deliberate killing of the victim Ibolya Ryan, stabbing her with a knife, and then proceeding to attempt to kill the residents of an apartment in the Al Habtoor building on Abu Dhabi Corniche by planting a crude explosive device near the door of the flat, attempting to ignite a detonator fuse aimed at killing the residents, a crime which was not completed to the fuse not working.

” The Attorney General said the charges were filed against the accused after extensive investigations which revealed that before committing her crime, the accused listened to lectures by Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, (leaders of al-Qaeda), watched video clips of killings and beheadings perpetrated by terrorist groups and then read articles about terrorist acts, which influenced her beliefs, turning her into a proponent of these destructive and terrorist ideologies.