Abu Dhabi DED seizes over 55,000 forged goods?

The total number of field visits conducted by the Department of Commercial Protection at the Abu Dhabi Business Centre in 2014, to monitor violations of trademarks, reached 14,011, resulting in the registering of 184 violations and confiscation of 55,532 commercial goods of registered trademarks.

According to the Department of Commercial Protection?s annual 2014 report, the market value of the counterfeit goods confiscated by the Department of Brands and Commercial Agencies is Dh1,394,978, and the estimated cost of company losses is Dh28,577,184.The report categorised confiscations of counterfeit goods as follows: 8,266 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories, 5,606 cosmetics and skin care items, 31,427 electronic devices and telephones, 3,101 automobile spare parts, 529 tobacco items and food products and 33 intellectual property and publications items.

Mohammed Rashid Al-Rumaithi, Acting Chief Executive Officer for the Abu Dhabi Business Centre, asserted that Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, ADDED, seeks to follow up on and eliminate all wrong practices that may affect the performance of the business environment sector in Abu Dhabi, praising the role of played by the Department?s strategic partners in meeting the Department?s strategic objectives aimed to create a competitive business environment in Abu Dhabi.