Sharjah bounced cheque cases drop 12%

Cases involving bounced cheques declined by 12 per cent this year. According to Sharjah Police statistics, bounced cheque cases dropped to 5,122 during the first nine months of this year compared with 5,768 cases during the same period last year.

Colonel Dr Khalifa Kalendar, Deputy Director of Police Centres in Sharjah, stated that the number of bounced cheques being reported in the emirate since the first nine months of the year has fallen.Recently, Sharjah Police set up a new financial crimes unit which is working on settling monetary disputes amicably before they land in the courts as part of routine police investigation.

Arbitrating matters between parties may help significantly reduce the number of criminal cases filed for financial claims. The efforts to arbitrate financial cases in the third quarter of this year have already helped return Dh37.2 million to complainants without resorting to criminal proceedings.Colonel Kalander has stated that the initiative contributed a great deal in solving financial disputes and provided a chance to defendants involved in bad cheque cases to pay off their debts directly at the police stations before referring the file to the public prosecution and the court.

The initiative is aimed at protecting the complainants’ rights and ensuring that their money is returned to them. It also contributes to reducing loads of files to be referred to the Public Prosecution and courts, besides protecting the families whose breadwinners, like the father or mother, who could have otherwise been locked up in jail.