Two men, three women jailed after yacht party romp

Dubai: Two men and three women, who were caught having consensual sex on a yacht during a party, will be jailed one month each.The 28 invitees, 13 women and 15 men, some of whom are policemen and army personnel, were arrested on a yacht berthed at Dubai Marina in October last year.In April 2014, the Dubai Misdemeanours Court convicted the 28 defendants, 20 Emiratis and different Arab nationalities, of getting together on the yacht without being related to each other, inciting each other to commit sins by committing immoral practices and drinking alcohol and partying without being related to each other.Two women and three men were handed one year in jail for having consensual sex by the court.The primary ruling was later reduced by the Appeal Court from one-year imprisonment to a month in April.On Monday, the Dubai Cassation Court upheld the one-month jail term against the five defendants.Presiding judge Abdullah Abdul Aziz also upheld a deportation order against two of the convicts accused of having consensual sex.The remaining defendants were earlier fined Dh2,000 each over incitement to commit indecent behaviour.An Emirati defendant was cleared of possessing 101 bottles of alcohol that the police seized when they raided the yacht at 7.30am. He was also cleared of having alcohol.Two women and six men were fined Dh2,000 each for drinking liquor.Dubai Police’s Operation Room was informed about some policemen, according to records, involved in organising sex and alcohol parties on board yachts at Dubai Marina.A special police team was commissioned to raid the yacht and investigate whether there were any illegal practices during the parties.The yacht was placed under observation from 1am until the next morning when it sailed back to the Dubai Marina and berthed between 6am and 7am.Having obtained prosecutors’ warrant to search and arrest any suspect involved in illegal practices, the police team swept into action and boarded the yacht.A policewoman testified in court that they seized many alcohol bottles and confiscated bed sheets and covers to have them examined and see whether there had been any form of sexual activity.“When we raided the yacht, some of the defendants were present on the deck while others were in the bedrooms. Most of the female defendants wore revealing clothes while others were in bikinis. The male suspects were in swimsuits and shorts,” she added.A police lieutenant said during questioning some of the female defendants claimed it was a birthday party.“Most of the defendants were very drunk. They were all taken in for questioning at the police station. One of the male defendants had make-up on his face. There was a birthday cake, balloons and gifts as well,” said the lieutenant.