5 Dubai visitors murder supermarket worker, steal Dh96,000 safe

Dubai: Three visitors have been jailed for 15 years each for premeditatedly killing a supermarket worker and stealing a safe that contained nearly Dh96,000.The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the three Kazakh visitors, 25-year-old S.K., 27-year-old A.R. and 31-year-old A.T., of killing the Indian worker by repeatedly punching him, then tying him up and leaving him to die before stealing the safe in December 2013.

Presiding judge Urfan Omar also jailed two Kazakh defendants, A.K. and D.K., for aiding and abetting the trio for seven years each.Court records said S.K., A.R. and A.T. broke in to the supermarket in Abu Hail area to steal the safe but when they came across the victim, they beat him repeatedly and tied his hands and covered his mouth with a tape. Then they carried the safe to a car and drove off to a remote area where they broke the safe open and split the money between them.A.K. and D.K. aided and abetted the trio in the murder and theft, according to records, by watching the place from outside while the trio broke into the supermarket, killed the worker and stole the safe.

When the five defendants showed up in court, they pleaded not guilty and denied the charge of premeditatedly killing the victim.The murder suspects claimed that they only beat the worker without intending to kill him.Records said the defendants used a crowbar to break the supermarket’s window and door to steal the safe.Presiding judge Omar said the five defendants will be deported following the completion of their punishments.

An Indian garage worker testified in court that he was the first person who spotted the victim when he was heading for Fajr prayer at 4.20am.“I work in the garage that is located in the same building of the supermarket. My colleagues and I live in three bedrooms in the same compound. Ten metres outside the residence, I saw the victim on the floor and his pants were down. He was bleeding from his mouth. I rushed to my residence and woke up my co-workers and told them what I had seen … we called the police,” he claimed.

A policeman testified that primary interrogations revealed that the five defendants waited for the supermarket to shut down before they broke in. “During questioning, it was revealed that the three of the convicts broke into the supermarket while two others waited outside to monitor the place. The trio broke into the place and brutally beat up the victim when they discovered that he was still inside. Then they tied up his hands and taped his mouth … then they dragged him inside a warehouse adjacent to the garage. When they discovered that the workers who lived in the compound might see him, they moved the victim to the garage’s outer yard … S.K. waited beside the victim for 15 minutes while A.R. and A.T. went inside and stole the safe. The victim was still breathing when the defendants ran away with the safe. They headed to a mountainous area where they broke the safe open and distributed the cash,” said the policeman.