Performance comparison between Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate

Since 2010, when the initial small spurts of growth were noticed in Dubai property prices, experts have been comparing the performance of Dubai real estate with Abu Dhabi property. Since 2010 to the date, the performance comparison shows Dubai real estate outperforming Abu Dhabi property constantly. Experts claim two reasons behind it:

Dubai being a tourist county and having first class tourist attractions attract property investors more as compared to Abu Dhabi. The living style of Dubai is more radiant ad vibrant as compared to Abu Dhabi which also adds to its lure.

Global financial crises hit Abu Dhabi real estate late as compared to Dubai so the property prices would also improve here late. After the recovery of Dubai real estate, we can expect Abu Dhabi property to get back to its original position.

As per the latest report, price of property in Dubai has increased whereas Abu Dhabi property is still fighting hard to get out of the hit of global financial crises. During May 2012, the value of property in Dubai increased by 1.42% as compared to April. On the other hand, property in Abu Dhabi declined by 1.1% during the same period. In Abu Dhabi, rental apartment market is outperforming rental villa market, since rents of apartments inched up by 0.53% whereas rents of villas fell by 0.45%.

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