Land Department recognised for record time in property registration

The Government of Dubai Land Department (LD) has been recognised in a list of top 10 issued by the World Bank for countries providing swift and accurate property registration.

30 minutes after an investor submits all required documents, a complete transaction is made without the need of a transaction facilitator, positioning the emirate’s service to leading levels worldwide.

Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of the Land Department, further elaborated on the procedures followed to issue a title deed or transfer property ownership in a timely manner. He said: “With the right systems in place and trained individuals offering support, we continue to make these transactions more efficient and in turn have taken out the need for a third party.”

In the past, this third party – the transaction facilitator – was hired by the original landlord or the client to curtail lengthy waits and difficult procedures. Today, the services of a facilitator are obsolete; by submitting the needed documents as per the legal requirements and LD’s regulations, the investor or client can complete this transaction within 30 minutes or less as LD applies a single procedure mechanism, according to the Director General of LD.

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