Stacking sleazy massage parlour cards on cars is illegal

It?s not uncommon to find your car converted into a billboard for massage parlours, with numerous visiting cards being stacked up on the windows.

?It?s bad enough to find these cards sticking on your car window, now the images are bold and sleazy, leaving nothing to imagination. It?s disturbing,? said a resident of Al Nahda.

A mother of a teenaged boy was disconcerted about how such hardly decent images could impact young minds.

It?s not just the ?disturbing? images, often these cards end up littering the parking lot.

Suhail Al Awadi, Head of Bur Dubai Cleaning Unit, Dubai Municipality, informed the crackdown on such ?illegal? activities.

Explaining that these are illegal ads, he said, ?Every advertisement must be approved by the economic department, but these definitely aren?t. Those dirty images will never get approval.?