Dubai manager sues employer for kidnap

An Irish marketing manager allegedly sued his employer, accusing him of kidnap and robbery after the latter discovered him taking bribes from a supplier, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AJ, 29, is being prosecuted for taking bribes totaling about Dh116,000 in May and June 2011 from a steel supplying company against awarding them purchase contracts.

Records show that the accused had signed an agreement with the supplier showing that during this period he was working with the supplier.

The supplier, represented by BA, 52, Indian, mechanical engineer, signed a consultation agreement with AJ whose passport did not have any valid work visa. BA admitted to issuing three cheques to AJ and claimed that they were in return for consultancy services that AJ had offered them.

The employer, however, had submitted to the Prosecution salary payment receipts to prove that AJ was working for his company during this period and that the agreement was just to cover up for the bribes. The employer also supplied the Prosecution with recordings of conversations between him, his partner and the accused during which the latter admitted to taking bribes from the company?s suppliers and promised to repay the amount to the employer.