Indian expatriate jailed for molesting woman in UAE

The Indian man, who worked as a financial analyst and identified only as K.K., 40, was convicted of indecently groping a 27-year-old fellow Indian woman in an office elevator in November last year by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

K.K. will be deported following his imprisonment.

K.K. contended that he just asked her to leave the elevator before him, out of courtesy.”I was being polite observing the ladies first rule,” K.K. was quoted as saying.

The woman also alleged that the man, in another instance, had molested her by groping her while she was in the office canteen.The victim said she went to the human resource department and the assistant manager there assured her of proper action after the man admitted to touching her.

However, the victim reported the matter to the police, when no action was taken for two weeks.The assistant manager said K.K. claimed to her that he mistakenly touched the woman in the canteen.