Man arrested for attempting to spy on UAE

A man accused of spying for a foreign country is currently under investigation by the UAE State Security.

Ahmad Rashid Al Danhani, Attorney-General at the State Security Prosecution, said that the Asian suspect, M.A.B., is accused of attempting to spy for and collaborate with a foreign nation with the intent of harming the UAE?s military and political position, exploiting his job in one of the country?s ports, and obtaining military information pertaining to national security through illegal means.

Al Danhani said that State Security was able to uncover activities pertaining to the suspect, through which he received assignments from individuals working for foreign countries who were striving to obtain security-related information and data on sensitive military installations that are strictly forbidden from being observed, unless by official appointment, due to their significance for national security reasons.

The suspect has been referred to the Public Prosecution following legal procedures. The suspect is currently detained as a precautionary measure pending further investigation.