Suspicious man follows wife abroad, kills her

Dubai Police arrested an Asian who entered the country as a visitor and killed his wife, who worked as a maid.

Within 12 hours of the crime being committed, Dubai Police nabbed him from Al Barsha area when he was preparing to return to his home country.

The incident that took place on June 3 and the European employer of the maid called up police to say his maid was found killed in his villa in Jebel Ali.

Police rushed to the site and discovered the deceased had been stabbed in the stomach.

Maj-Gen Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Director-General, CID, Dubai Police, said the police team followed the suspect with knowledge that he had entered the country a month before the crime.

They tracked him down at Al Barsha and found him preparing to return home.

He confessed to the crime saying he killed her because he suspected her to be in a relationship with another man. He claimed that she had told him so earlier.