Sharjah landlords can set new rent after 3-year lease contract is over

A landlord is free to fix a new rent post the three-year rent contract with a tenant, Sharjah Municipality has said.

The Municipality added: ?But if you find the increase unreasonable, you can file complaint at the rent regulation department to decide the proper increase.?

In Sharjah, a tenant is protected from rent increases, as the landlord is not allowed to hike the rate for three years, which starts once the rent agreement is issued for the first time.

Average apartment rents, ?rose by 46 per cent during the three years to the end of Q1 2014. However, Asteco Property Management, a real estate consultancy, said rentals have gone up by 38 per cent in the past one year and seven per cent in the first quarter 2014 compared to the fourth quarter 2013, driven mostly by relocation of tenants from Dubai.