Dubai’s Public Safety Law to ensure maximum safety for all

Dubai Municipality has signed a contract with an international consultant in international law and specialist in safety laws and consumer protection for the preparation of a comprehensive law for public safety in the emirate in line with the best international practices, according to?Director General of Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah.

The initiative comes as part of Dubai Municipality’s keenness on providing the highest levels of safety for citizens, residents and visitors at all times by ensuring safe public places in order to reduce accidents and injuries in public places such as falling and drowning because of the absence of safety requirements in those places.

The upcoming law would be a common platform that provides a legal framework for the safety network of all potential risks in places frequented by the public such as shopping malls, hotels, educational institutions and residential communities as well as in open spaces and squares, where the events, festivals and celebrations are organised with the participation of? large numbers of people.

The law also aims to ensure the safety requirements of other places frequented by the public on a regular basis, such as beaches and parks.