Fake dollars land female tourists in jail

The two women from India were remanded in custody for two days before being released on bail by the Abu Dhabi Prosecution.

Investigation is under way and the $100 note they used has been sent for forensic verification.

One of the women was visiting her husband who is working in the UAE, and the other was her sister accompanying her.

?After shopping at a local shop, my client produced a $100 bill to make payment. She got it from her husband who travels a lot,? said the women?s lawyer.

The staff at the popular exchange chain immediately called the police and the salesman directed them to the women who were waiting at his shop.

?The two women are stranded in the UAE because they cannot travel till they prove their innocence. We are waiting for the forensic report,? the lawyer added.

The UAE authorities have busted many fake currency rackets in the past, and have warned residents not to fall victim to their trap.