Life term for rape of maid is reduced to five years at Dubai court retrial

A man who was sentenced in absentia to life in jail for raping his maid has had his term reduced to five years in a retrial.

On November 27 last year R?A called on his 30-year-old maid to iron his clothes in his room.

?I was preparing breakfast for his hospitalised wife so I asked him to bring his clothes to the kitchen and I will have them ironed,? testified the victim.

She recalled that he insisted she come to his room. When she went, he locked the door and raped her.

The other two maids knew something was up and eventually got the woman to tell them what had happened. They advised her to run away but she was stopped at the entrance to the house by her sponsor and forced back inside. ?He threatened to kill me if I told anyone,? she said.

The woman then managed to call the Indonesian Embassy, which advised her to call police.

R?A will now serve the reduced term of five years in jail.