Dubai Mounted Police in step with the times

The department has around 100 horses at a time making allowances for normal turnover, there are around 70 horses in Al Aweer stables and 28 in Al Ghusais.

The department has two main roles, a security role and a social role and the use of horses in police work reflects the heritage of the country.

?We use horses for patrols in areas where it is difficult for cars to patrol or enter and also in narrow roads or crowded areas,? Lt. Al Jallaf explained.

It had a big role in the growth and development of the department, both in its administrative aspects and its policing role.

Preventing crimes, patrolling residential and commercial areas, and riot control are the key aspects of the department?s security role.

As part of its social role, the department reaches out to children with special needs, with the horses being key to the therapy. This initiative is in collaboration with the Community Development Authority (CDA). ?The children go to our stables in Al Ghusais with their specialists, volunteers and our trainers. There is also an ambulance on standby,? says Lt. Al Jallaf.